People are going crazy over Contentis on TikTok. Create content anywhere, anyplace, anytime with your viral Contenti! 🔥

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  • 24 Individual suction cups for extra suction power

  • Thick product design for camera protection

  • Compatible with all phone brands

  • Free shipping on all orders (NL/BE)

  • Delivery in 1-2 working days

  • 30-Day reflection period

How it works

  1. Peel the sticker off.
  2. Attach TheContenti to your phone (case).
  3. Attach your phone to any hard surface.
  4. Start creating your content.

Pro Tip: Stick two Contentis together. Press one side of the suction cups onto your phone and the other side against a hard surface.

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The TikTok viral Contenti 🔥

Premium Quality

We have carefully designed our products and assure premium quality by offering:

  • Strong and reliable suction cups | Each Contenti is fitted with 24 individual suction cups, offering a strong grip. It ensures a reliable hold and prevents your phone from falling while you create your content.
  • Thick product design | The camera lenses on your phone are protruding from its rear surface. In order to safeguard your camera lenses from potential damage and provide a more secure grip, we designed our Contentis to be both thick and sturdy, exceeding the thickness of the lenses themselves.
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